Tension machines Tension machines
TWS offers the ability to wind and unwind (wire) rope safely, quickly and efficiently. TWS has a fitting answer in house to the growing demand from the market. The starting point for our concept is: systems that offer robust, simple operation, are easily transportable and self-supporting thanks to the use of an independent power supply. The flexible capabilities of these systems offer you ample freedom of movement.
tension machines
Specials Specials
There are several disciplines within the process of (wire) rope winding that require a professional approach. TWS is also your perfect partner where this is the case. We offer reel guiding systems such as the TWS Powered Reel System. Our expertise in combination with standard components allows us to offer tailor-made solutions.
Winches Winches
TWS winches can be deployed in many applications and are suitable for both lifting and pulling of loads. They are available in electrically, hydraulically and pneumatically powered versions.
TWS also offers tailor-made solutions; please contact us for more information.